A Lifetouch school portrait is more than a picture. It’s an official record of your child’s school experience.

The Treasured Tradition of School Pictures

There’s nothing like looking through old class photos and realizing—no matter where life has taken you—that you were part of something special. Your child becomes a part of that same tradition when he or she takes part in Picture Day.

School Portraits that Stand the Test of Time

Fashion trends come and go. Hairstyles change. But kids will always be kids. And Lifetouch portraits make sure all the important school milestones can be enjoyed for generations to come.

  • We print all our school portraits on professional photo paper that can resist fading for up to 100 years.
  • We offer retouching options for portraits, so you don’t have to worry about little things like scrapes or blemishes on Picture Day.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee includes the option for Picture Day retakes or a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your child’s portrait.
Discover More Options for Gifts and Keepsakes

We have everything you need for sharing professional quality photos with family and friends in any format.

  • Our wide variety of background styles gives you more ways to create the perfect portrait. Choices vary from school to school, but typically include a range of classic and modern looks.
  • Multiple picture size options include dimensions such as 8”x10”, 5”x7” and 1.5”x2.5” for trading with classmates.
  • High- and low-resolution digital images can be ordered on a CD or as downloadable files. High-res versions (up to 8”x10”) are perfect for scrapbooking and graduation parties. Low-res versions work great for social media posts or emailing.
  • Personalized portraits printed with your child’s name and grade make archiving easy.

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Your Family’s Safety and Security Comes First

We partner with schools and communities across the country to keep kids safer.

  • Get a free downloadable Lifetouch Pictures2Protect® ID card when you order, which is available for most schools. If a child goes missing, law enforcement can use the card (with parent permission) to access a current photograph of the child from a Lifetouch 24/7 rapid response team.
  • Our software tools help schools build accurate electronic student directories and create student ID cards to keep better track of kids.
  • Our online ordering process strictly follows PCI data compliance standards to keep sensitive personal and account information secure.